Twitter Chat Monday June 9th @ 8pm

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Twitter Chat Monday June 9th @ 8pm

Please join me on Twitter for a discussion of how we can “Find the Joy in Rigorous Reading.”

We’ll follow a Q1/A1 format, with new questions every 10 minutes. Follow #readingjoy.

Here are the questions:

1. What are the conditions in your classroom where the most joyful reading happens?
2. What interferes with the joy?
3. Is there a way to balance higher expectations (dare I say “rigor”?) and the joy we know matters?
4. How important is comprehension in our quest for joy?
5. Can we assess joy? If so, what are we looking for? What tools do we use?
6. Can we plan for joy? What “new year’s resolutions” do you have as you reflect on this year and consider changes for the upcoming one?