Upcoming #litlead Chat May 8, 2014

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On May 8 at 8:30PM EST I’m honored to be leading a #litlead Twitter chat to discuss formative assessment. I hope this chat serves as part trouble-shooting, part inspiration, and part practical advice for future planning.

Chances are good many of us hear “assessment” and think of mandates that take away from teaching time, and offer us little help with what to do next. It’s a shame, because good assessment is at the heart of effective classroom instruction It helps teachers to create goals for students, 5d6ec6dba1e0d0fa4ec621d4039699efgive effective feedback, and measure progress over time.

In this chat, we’ll attempt to reclaim the word assessment to mean the types of classroom-embedded practices that support instruction and learning. Together, we’ll reconsider what “data” is the most helpful, what assessment practices in the classroom help us teach better, and how to use the information from assessments to set goals with students.

I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts on some of the following questions:

• What are some examples of assessments you can’t do without – but that nobody is making you give?
• How do we keep in-class formative assessment relevant in the time of CCSS?
• What practices do you find helpful when evaluating formative assessments?
• How do you involve students in self-reflecting on assessments?
• How do you use assessments to set individual goals?
• How do you manage individual goals and unit goals?

I’ll look forward to “meeting” you online soon!