Speaking Calendar

These days, I mostly do residencies in NY/NJ/CT near my home. A couple times each month, I travel to speak at state and national conferences, provide workshops through Heinemann, and/or to do presentations for entire districts. If you’re interested in seeing when I’ll be near you, check out the calendar below. If there is a link, you can register to attend. Some dates that are farther out on the calendar may be open to the public although they do not yet have a website up to accept registrants.

You can also learn from me anywhere, anytime, and at your own pace with my new Digital Campus course on the topic of my second book, Teaching Reading in Small Groups, available through Heinemann. Click here to learn more. I also lead a webinar series, which you can register for here.

If you’re interested in inviting me to speak at your conference, or do professional development in your school or district, please contact me through the “contact”  link at the top of the page.


 5/16  Strategies and Structures  Hurst, TX
 6/16  SCIRA Conference  Northbrook, IL
 6/22 All Write! Conference  Warsaw, IN
 6/27  Model Schools Conference  Nashville, TN
 6/29 Early Literacy Summer Institute Philadelphia, PA
 7/15  International Literacy Association Annual Conference  Orlando, FL
 7/31  Clemson University Reading Recovery Conference  Greenville, SC
8/11  August Reading Institute – Teachers College  New York, NY
 8/16  Montana Reading Conference  Kalispell, MT
 9/19  Metro RESA  Atlanta, GA
 10/5  Midwest Principal’s Conference  Chicago, IL
 10/6  Illinois Reading Association  IL
 10/26  Strategies and Structures Workshop  Philadelphia PA
 11/8  CT Reading Association Cromwell, CT
 11/14  Saskatoon Literacy Conference Saskatchewan, Canada
 12/5  Strategies and Structures California – City TBA
12/6  Strategies and Structures California – City TBA
 12/19  Morris Union Juncture: Writing Strategies  New Providence, NJ
1/18  Writing Strategies  Harris Co., TX
2/8  Colorado International Reading Assc. Conf (CCIRA)  Denver, CO
2/9  Wisconsin State Reading Association (WSRA) Conf  Milwaukee, WI
2/20  RRCNA Reading Recovery Conference  Columbus, OH
 3/8-9  Virginia State Reading Association Conf (VSRA)  VA
 3/13  Morris Union Juncture: Reading Strategies  New Providence, NJ
 4/18  Reading Strategies (through CESA 6)  Milwaukee, WI
 4/19  Writing Strategies (through CESA 6)  Milwaukee, WI
 4/23  Austin TX School Leadership Conference  Austin, TX
5/16 Heinemann Workshop – Topic TBA  TBA
 5/17  Heinemann Workshop – Topic TBA  TBA
 6/13  COTSEN Art of Teaching  Los Angeles, CA
 1/23  National Louis University  Lisle, IL
 1/24  Midwest Principal’s Conference – Writing Strategies  Chicago, IL