Independent Reading Assessment

Independent Reading AssessmentWinner of 2013  and 2014 AEP awards, the Independent Reading Assessment is the only whole-book comprehension assessment available, and it’s the only assessment that also includes hundreds of lessons to actually help teachers turn the formative assessment into instruction.

Now in fiction and nonfiction versions for gradesthree, four and five, spanning levels J-W, the resource comes with a collection of 32-36 actual trade books and sticky notes with pre-printedquestions. The assessment takes just a few minutes of classroom time to get students oriented, then they complete the assessment on their own, during independent reading. Using easy-to-follow rubrics filled with actual student answers from the pilot studies, teachers evaluate student responses. Through the evaluation, teachers learn about text complexity in ways that will fuel their ongoing teaching during conferring, small groups, guided reading, and whole class reading instruction. An if-then chart helps teachers uncover what the student’s response patterns reveals so that they arrive at a clear goal to begin instruction.

The teaching section contains 100+ lessons in each version (200+ lesson if you combine the fiction and nonfiction Teacher’s Guides) and guidance for selecting those that are just right based on goal and reading level. Online, a teacher can watch dozens of instructional videos, store results from the assessment, sort students to plan for instruction, keep anecdotal conference notes, and more.