A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Conferences

Why are reading conferences so important?

What do effective reading conferences look and sound like?

How do I fit reading conferences into my literacy block?

“Conferring,” writes Jennifer Serravallo, “is where the magic happens.” In A Teacher’s Guide to Reading Conferences, she reveals that this seeming magic is actually purposeful, responsive instruction.
Jen presents conferences for six specific instructional situations: assessing, goal-setting, strategy lessons, and more. A rich design, replete with infographics and special features, guides you quickly from learning to teaching with:

  • Jen’s moves and language
  • 9 videos of her teaching in K-8 classrooms
  • 13 conference note-taking forms–one for each reading goal from the heirarchy in her Reading Strategies Book 
  • suggestions for connecting emergent bilingual learners’ language goals and reading goals

With Jen’s support, you’ll discover the true magic of conferring–the joyous, aha moments you’ll see in growing readers.