Kind words from educators who have learned with with me and from my books:

Jeff P., San Francisco, CA
Jeff P., San Francisco, CA 04/26/11
I just wanted to reach out and tell you how valuable working with you last summer has been for me. I use your resources all the time and constantly refer to things you taught me. I simply rave about you to my colleagues. Thank you so much for your generosity and spirit!

Laurie P., Randolph, NJ
Laurie P., Randolph, NJ
Jen was my first reading workshop teacher and has continued to influence my teaching through workshops and webinars, including one on Teaching Reading in Small Groups, which has become a standard text in our district. She also recently presented to our 3-5 grade staff on implementing her latest work, IRA:F. Through her guidance, expertise and commitment to education, Jen has empowered us to embrace the literacy demands facing our young students.
Lara P., MI
Lara P., MI 10/02/10

Practical, insightful and reality-based. Great tips for moving kids forward and tapping into their individual needs and strengths. A must buy.

Reading Teacher, NY
Reading Teacher, NY 08/31/10
“…Jennifer Serravallo’s new book is the kind of book I have been looking for since I started teaching because I always felt like my guided reading instruction could be better. I have a strong feeling that this book will be sitting in the little pile that I always keep by my side throughout the year….”
Joy B., Beacon, NY
Joy B., Beacon, NY 07/ 16/ 10
Thank you so much for teaching us. You did an above-average job in my opinion. You used every precious moment that you had to convey your years of learning and experience to us. You were very approachable and I enjoyed your way of teaching…
Susan T., Seattle, WA
Susan T., Seattle, WA 07/09/10
Thank you so much for a tremendously great week of thinking, learning, and talking. Not a day went by where I couldn’t imagine how I’d talk a bit differently with teachers or with kids. Likewise, my team started the year off with several strategies I learned in your session last year that really helped improve our practice over the year….

Jessica 05/10/09
Wow! … The amount I have learned from you about working with teachers and teaching literacy is tremendous. my favorite part of the semester was my field work placement. Your metaphors for teaching and demonstrations stay with me. I know I am a more effective teacher because of you and so are the teachers all over this country that you work with you every day….My future students thank you.
Teacher, Grade 2
Teacher, Grade 2 May 2013
I am using it to assess students’ ability to hold information across a chapter book. The questions are challenging and it really allows me to see if students are able to comprehend and think deeply about their books. I think it is easy to use and also helps me plan future instruction for students.
Aeriale J., Alaska
Aeriale J., Alaska July 2012
Thank you so much for such an informative and transformative week in your morning section. And your keynote this afternoon was fantastic- gently delivered, yet potent, powerful. Thank you for having the courage to stand before us and say no to the status quo and yes to searching for and, ultimately, delivering what is right for children. I have so many lingering questions, so much to think about. . . And this is a good, good thing. I’m taking a lot away from the institutes this year, but I think your model of reflection, analysis and problem-solving that impacts the many rather than the few made the most tremendous impact. So, off I go to figure out how to make a difference above the Arctic Circle. . .and beyond.
Jenny S.
Jenny S. March 2013

I saw you speak at WRSA in WI on both text complexity and teaching reading in small groups. I loved both of your presentations! Your conferring book is wonderful and reads like a novel. It has helped me improve my individual reading conferences. Thank you!
 Damien L., Queens, NY
Damien L., Queens, NY 08/ 20/ 10

WHY are you an excellent teacher? #1 You are so smart and really know what you are talking about! Every word you say has meaning #2 You are organized. Your style of teaching is very clear. #3 You take the time to get to know your students and really care about what they have to say #4 You are humble. Despite all of your accomplishments, you speak with such grace and treat everyone as an equal. … #10 You teach with JOY. It is clear that you LOVE what you do!

Teacher, Grade 5
Teacher, Grade 5 May 2013
I appreciate the specific knowledge I’ve gained on specific texts. It is a realistic fact that I have not read, nor have the time to devote to reading the wide range of books that my fifth grade students read on a daily basis. The summaries of each text along with the listed characteristics have helped improve my confidence in knowing what students are truly understanding or missing in their texts. I currently have a group of fifth grade students reading Becoming Naomi Leon and they have expressed concerns that the book might not be a good fit for them. I haven’t read the text myself, but through reading the summary and characteristics from the IRA Guide, I was able to identify that the girls were struggling with some of the vocabulary and figurative language in the book. We then practiced some strategies to help them monitor their understanding, and the girls are now successfully enjoying their books again.
Teri K, TN
Teri K, TN 01/09/11

…This is the first book I’ve seen that covers realistic ways to assess engagement and conversation, and they were helpful. This is followed by chapters on teaching each of these points. These chapters are filled with specific examples of student work, charts, and other helpful graphics. The author is never content with merely saying “This is what I do,” but always works to help the teacher make the best choices for herself and her students…

Barb K., Pennsylvania 07/20/10
…Thank you for giving me something to aspire to. (Even after 33+ years of teaching)…
Brittany 07/09/10
You have been so amazing at your job. I’ve learned so much! Thank you for always being so generous with your time and knowledge. It was such a wonderful experience to work with someone who is such an expert in her field, and who is also adept at challenging us to think and teach creatively and intelligently….